bwLehrpool is a service that can be used to create virtual teaching and learning environments in computer labs. These can be individually tailored for each course and can be accessed in every room that has bwLehrpool.

bwLehrpool offers the following advantages:

In order to use bwLehrpool it is necessary to have access to a computer lab that has bwLehrpool installed. Users are responsible for creating the images that are needed in the courses.

bwLehrpool is available to all professors and teachers, who can request access via the responsible IT administrator.


User Guides

Guides for students and computer lab users: 

bwLehrpool logging in, selection and locking.pdf

bwLehrpool Anleitung als Plakat

Anleitung für Dozenten und Mitarbeiter:


For lecturers:For those using the computer labs:


Please report any problems to the Service Desk.

The processing times correspond to the Service Level Agreement.

Data Backup / Hosting

bwLehrpool consists of the following components:

The satellite server and the NFS server are operated in the university's Computer Centre and are subject to the standard data protection policy.

It should be noted that data that was deleted outside of the defined retention period cannot be recovered.

The computers in the labs are not persistent. This means that they return to their original state with every reboot. Therefore, no data can be stored on these computers.

Request Service

The service must be requested from the responsible IT administrator for your faculty. The administrator will clarify this with the contact person in the RMZ.

User Responsibilities

The professors and lecturers who use bwLehrpool must create images using the templates and specifications requested by the RMZ and must keep these up-to-date. It is possible to receive support from the faculty to maintain these images.


The most up-to-date IT and media services user regulations must be complied with.
The legal regulations regarding data protection and information security must also be observed.
When creating images, it must be ensured that only software packages licensed for members of Reutlingen University are used.