This information can be found in German on the second page of the application form

  1.  The organiser must submit the application form (in German) at least 4 weeks in advance (up to a maximum of 1 year) to the Computer and Media Centre (RMZ) for the attention of Mr Eppler (Tel. 1324).
  2. Multiple applications for one event over several years or several events (series) are not permitted.
  3. The RMZ manages the events calendar and will check for overlap and block the date.
  4. The RMZ will consult with the departments involved regarding feasibility.
  5. The RMZ will confirm whether the event is technically feasible and time suitable. In the event of overlaps, the prior application stands.
  6. The RMZ shares the request with the departments involved:
    1. Technology and safety: Andreas Braun
    2. Event technology: Reiner Eppler
    3. Budget officer (if necessary): Peter Bihler
  7. The RMZ will forward the request to the Board of Chairs for approval.
  8. The board will return the approved application to the RMZ.
  9. Appointments in the auditorium will be entered into the auditorium's calendar. 
  10. The organiser will contact the departments involved to clarify the details in good time (set up, disassembly, execution etc of event), in particular contacting Mr Braun (Tel. 1201) regarding seating and safety instruction and Mr Eppler (Tel. 1324) regarding event technology.
  11. The loan of equipment provided by the university is to be arranged with the departments involved.
  12. The organiser must arrange for the collection and return of the equipment.
  13. The organiser must be provide a sufficient number of assistants to assist with the set up, dismantling and execution of the event.