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Due to the current situation (the corona crisis), the university is closed to the public and the computer labs are closed. For practical work, however, students are lacking the software normally provided in the pool rooms. Installing the necessary software on private devices is not possible due to licensing restricts, lack of installation packages, lack of knowledge about installing and configuring the software, etc.

Since the bwLehrpool clients in the labs are not accessible to students, a possiblity was developed to access these remotely using a simple web browser.



A HTML5-capable browser such as Firefox, Edge, Chrome or Apple Safari is required as well as a reasonably fast internet connection.

Support or room creation with a password

For problems or to create a room with a password, please contact the Service Desk. The Service Desk will inform the correct contact person.

RMZ: Nur Bakan

INF: Florian Diemer


  1. Disconnect from the VPN and connect to your own network.
  2. Open the URL and log in using your university account.
  3. Select the correct room for the event. If required, enter the password that your lecturer provided you with.
  4. Click "Weiter" again.
  5. As usual, select the correct environment in bwLehrpool and click "Start".
  6. Now you can use all the tools in the environment.
  7. When logging out, first shut down and then log out of the room.