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Untis is the software used for room planning and timetabling at Reutlingen University. Untis corresponds with WebUntis, which is integrated into the university's website.


With WebUntis, you can view

  • Timetables from individual study programmes
  • Room occupancy

After registering, professors and staff can also see the timetables of professors and lecturers.
There is also a mobile app called Untis Mobile available, which offers similar functions to WebUntis.

The planning feature can only be used by designated persons (Untis coordinators) from each faculty and department.
For others, WebUntis can be accessed without registration via the university website.




Please report any problems with WebUntis to the Untis administrator:

The processing times correspond to the Service Level Agreement.

Data Backup / Hosting

The database of the planning module is backed up for recovery purposes after system failures. This is subject to the Computer Centre's standard data protection policy

WebUntis is hosted by Gruber & Petters, the software manufacturer in Austria.

Request service

This service does not need to be requested.

User Responsibilities

Lecturers are required to inform the relevant Untis coordinators of changes to/cancellations of lectures in good time.

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