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Microsoft Teams is a platform developed by Microsoft, which combines chat, meetings, notes and attachments. This service is integrated into the Microsoft 365 Suite with Microsoft Office.

To log onto the Die Anmeldung am MS Teams web portal or the locally installed client, use your university e-mail address and the corresponding password.

Performance features:

  • team chat function
  • shared file repository
  • calendar with appointment planning
  • audio/video meetings including recording option
  • notebooks

The platform is intended to be used for collaboration and group work for projects or in teaching. It is not intended as a repository or for the long-term storage of data.


User Guides

Microsoft Teams for Education Quick Start Guide

Microsoft Teams video training

Using the OneNote Class Notebook

MS Online Course: Crafting a collaborative learning environment with Class Teams

MS Online Course: Transform Learning with Microsoft Teams



Please report any problems to the Service Desk.

The processing times correspond to the Service Level Agreement.

Data Backup / Hosting

Microsoft Teams is hosted on Microsoft servers in Europe. There is no separate data backup of the files stored there. 

Request Service

This service does not need to be requested.

User Responsibilities

Users are required to exclusively use the platform for professional purposes. Microsoft 365 should not be used to hold personal data or confidential information.


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