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Follow these steps to better get to know the Wiki.

Walk through the Wizard

The first time you log in to the Wiki, a wizard will be opened to help you get to know the software Confluence.

Logging in to the Wiki

You can log on to the Wiki with your University Account (

User Interface

  • Content structure, Learning Centre, Navigation Panel
  • Blog
  • Pages and sub pages
  • Search


Found items are prioritised according to:

  1. Title
  2. Labels
  3. Content

Profile and personal Settings

Define your Site Homepage

You can determine which page opens after logging on to the Wiki:

  1. Choose "Settings" from the upper right menu
  2. Click "Edit" at the bottom of the page and then choose your homepage.

Limiting E-Mail Notifications

Here is how you can limit the number of e-mails you receive from the system:

  1. Chose "Settings" from the upper right menu
  2. Chose "Email" in the left-hand menu and deactivate all the checkboxes, or only activate "Subscribe to daily updates".

Creating and Editing Pages

Pages are subordinate to spaces. Pages can also act as categories. You can also create sub-pages that inherit properties and set access rights for individual pages and subpages.

Pages can then be suitable for workgroups or projects. For example:

  • Space: Informatics (access for all lecturers and employees)
  • Page: Project XY (Access only for project members who are also lecturers or employees)

Create a Page

It should be avoided that page entries are created twice. Before you create a new page, use the search function to check whether the entry already exists.

  • Click "Create" at the top of the page.    
  • Click the "..." button to choose from different page templates

Pages can either be created at the very top of the hierarchy (such as directly below "HSRT - IT") or under an existing page like "AK baramundi".

Change Page Permissions

  • Permissions are defined by clicking the lock symbol at the top of the page.

Edit Pages

You can either click on the "edit" button in the menu bar or press the "e" key".

e key→ Edit Page

Strg-S → Save Page

Format Text

  • Headers
  • Bullet List
  • Numbered List
  • Tables

By using Wiki Markup or the symbols bar, you can format text.

Define Keywords

To improve navigation and search in the Wiki, you should assign keywords (labels).

In edit mode, click the label icon at the top:

You can also define labels without entering edit mode:

Add Pictures

In edit mode, you can add pictures by simply dragging them onto the Wiki page.

Click once on an image to change the formatting.

Add external documents

You can insert Office documents using a macro. Other users can open and save the document and the modified version will be saved in the Wiki.

PDF documents can be inserted and also directly displayed.

To add a link, choose the word and click on the link symbol in the symbol bar.

Using Macros

Confluence offers a series of macros with which you can add special features to your page. To add a macro enter into edit mode and lick the "+" symbol in the symbol bar.

Further help

Confluence Documentation