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Brief description

For the various IT services of the Computer and Media Centre (RMZ), we aim for uniform service levels.
The service levels described here apply to all RMZ services, deviations are highlighted for the services concerned.

Availability of the service

Unless otherwise stated in the service description, the services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Services may be temporarily taken out of service for maintenance work. Maintenance windows are announced at least 3 working days in advance.

Reporting errors

Please send messages regarding errors to the Service Desk.
You can reach the Service Desk Monday-Friday from 8:00-21:00, Saturday 10:00-16:00:

Please note the special opening hours during semester breaks on the Service Desk website.

Support hours

The support times are based on the functional times described in the Working Hours Agreement.
Functional times are Monday-Thursday from 9:00-15:30 and Friday 9:00-12:00.


The processing times are based on priorities. The following priorities are distinguished:

  • Priority 1: Total failure, service is not functioning, all users are affected.
  • Priority 2: Partial failure, some functions of the service are not working correctly, or the error only affects a limited group of users
  • Priority 3: Error, the service is functional, but errors occur. It is known how the errors can be circumvented, there are only minor limitations.

Processing times

Reactions can only be made within the support hours. The following processing times are aimed at:

Prio 1.Prio 2.Prio 3.
Reaction timesimmediatelynext working dayup to two working days
Recovery timesup to the following working day up to three working days

within one week

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