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With the DFNconf service, the DFN offers its users in the academic sector the possibility to conduct video, audio and web conferences. 

The service is tailored to the needs of research and teaching and provides the central technical components that are required.

Two service components are available:

  • With the DFNconf PEXIP platform, you can conduct video conferences with excellent video and audio features with up to 23 participants.

  • Offers simple access from your browser using the "Pexip" web app and soft clients for Windows, macOSx and Linux as well as the use of dedicated video conferencing systems.

  • Adobe Connect is still available as an e-learning service. This enables webinars and distributed working with application-sharing for up to 200 participants.

Meeting organisers can be employees, lecturers and professors of Reutlingen University. 

Meeting participants can also include students and external persons.


User Guides

Information for meeting hosts

Information for meeting participants

Video conference handbook (in German)

Video communication technologies and their usage situations (in German)



Please report any problems to the Service Desk.

This service is available around the clock. There is no specific service level.

Data Backup / Hosting

This service is hosted by the German Research Network (Deutschen Forschungsnetzwerk).

Request Service

For a user to register as a meeting host, they must be a registered as an employee in a participating organisation. When the work relationship finishes, the authorisation to use the service also ends. It is not necessary to apply for this service.

User Responsibilities

Users should take care to back up data uploaded for events and delete it from the service.

Hosts should make the privacy policy of the service available to meeting participants (see the link under "Legal").


The respective applicable laws must be observed, in particular the provisions of the GDPR when dealing with personal data.

On the DFN website, you will find the data protection declaration (in German).

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