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You can change your university password on the intranet page Change your password (in German).

After successfully updating this, the following steps must be carried out on notebooks and smartphones:

On Windows 10 Computers:

Reset "myCampus" WiFi:

  • Start → Settings → Network & Internet → WiFi → Manage known networks: select "myCampus" and click "do not save".
  • Start → Settings → Network & Internet → WiFi → Show available networks.
  • Select "myCampus" and click "Connect".
  • Enter your username and your new password.

Updating Windows login if the notebook is not connected to a docking station:

  • On the login screen, click on the WiFi icon in the bottom right of the screen ("Connect to the internet").
  • Select "myCampus" and connect using your username and new password.
  • log out of the notebook and log in again using your username and new password

On your smartphone:

Reset "myCampus" Wifi:

This process can vary depending on which smartphone is used.

The WiFi settings must be opened and "myCampus" removed. Then you can reconnect to "myCampus" using the new password.

Sophos Mail: changing saved password:

You can change your password in the Sophos App by going to Settings → Change e-mail settings → Select account → Change e-mail password.