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The RELAX Learning Platform is the ideal place for all digital teaching materials. On the platform, students can find current information about their lectures, exchange ideas with the lecturer and other participants and find current tasks. RELAX serves to enable students and teachers to work better together in the learning environment.

With RELAX, students and teachers have a variety of activities and information at their disposal. RELAX is the central place where you can find important information about your lectures, e.g. PowerPoint slides or up-to-date lecture dates.

RELAX is based on the open source software Moodle. Moodle provides extensive support documentation on their website.

We have created a course (in German), where you can discover more about the new features in Moodle 4.

RELAX is available to all users without needing to be requested.

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User Guides

Best practice RELAX

Tips for moderating forums (German)




Please report any problems to the Service Desk.

The processing times correspond to the Service Level Agreement.

Data Backup / Hosting

RELAX is hosted on servers in the University's Computer Centre and is subject to the standard data protection policy.

It should be noted that data deleted before the defined retention time cannot be recovered.

Courses are usually created anew every semester. If courses are created centrally, these courses are usually deleted after 10 semesters. Old data is not kept for a longer period of time.

An annual synchronisation with the LDAP directory service takes place, where university accounts that are no longer listed there are removed from RELAX. The user data (e.g. grades, uploaded material) of these accounts are also removed from RELAX.

Request Service

Access to this service does not have to be requested from the Computer Centre.

User Responsibilities

The course instructors are responsible for the content in RELAX. When creating course content, copyright and personal rights must be respected. Likewise, when using RELAX, compliance with the data protection guidelines must be ensured.

Should it be necessary to store data of a course over a longer period of time, the course instructor is responsible for the data storage.

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