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At you can find the F*EX Service. This is an HTTP-based service for sending large files. As with e-mail, you can send a file to a specific recipient (or a list of recipients), who is then notified by e-mail and receives a download link with that e-mail. After the download, the file can be deleted either immediately or later, as desired.

The service can be used through a standard web browser.

Main Features of F*EX

  • File transfer with virtually unlimited file size
  • Recipient and sender only need an e-mail program and a web browser - no additional software needs to be installed
  • RESEND and REGET for recovery in case of link errors with the previously sent byte
  • Auto notification of recipients
  • Automatic deletion after download
  • Automatic deletion after expiry date (standard: 10 days)
  • Full users can create Sub-Users, who may only send to the Full-User
  • Full users can create groups, similar to mailing lists, but for files
  • Maintenance-free: except for the creation of new F*EX accounts, no interaction of an administrator is required
  • Sending to multiple recipients only requires one storage space on the server
  • F*EX is a HTTP web service and does not require firewall tunnels
  • Support for streams
  • UNIX users can use the shell programmes fexsend and fexget to avoid the inconvenient use of web browsers
  • Protocol and source code are freely available (Perl Artistic)

This service is available for use by all affiliates of Reutlingen University after registration here.


User Guides

At you will find all further steps in English, German and Swabian. Click on "register yourself" to enter your university e-mail address (e.g. Thomas.Mustermann@Reutlingen-University.DE) and then click  "register". You will now receive an e-mail with a link to activate your account. After clicking on this link, a page will open on which you will see another long link. Now click on it. On the page that now opens, click on "User Control Panel". There, in the field "Change your auth-ID to", enter a password for your account and click on "remember!". You should now receive a confirmation that your authentication ID has been successfully saved. You can now close the page.


FAQs at BelWü


Please report any problems to the Service Desk.

The processing times correspond to the Service Level Agreement.

Data Backup / Hosting

The service is hosted by BelWü. No data requiring a backup is stored on the server.

Request Service

To register, you need an e-mail address from the "BelWü area" (this can be a domain registered via BelWü, but also the uni-<town>.de domain) and an IP address from a network belonging to BelWü. With this, every affiliate of a BelWü institution can set up an account for themself.

You can then upload and download from anywhere with your account.

Registration is only necessary for senders, not for recipients

User Responsibilities

  • The user commits not to share his access data with third parties.
  • The user commits not to use his access to send spam.
  • In the case that German law is violated, the BelWü Coordination reserves the right to block the relevant account.


The service is available for the duration of university affiliation.

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