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Below you will find an overview of the IT and Media Services at Reutlingen University. On each of these pages you will find detailed information about the service, for example a description of the service, instructions for installation, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) or information about hosting and data backup.

This service catalogue is also available in German.


SupportFurther Information

Status messages of the IT services (German only)

Please report any problems to the Service Desk.

The processing times correspond to the Service Level Agreement.

Data Backup

Authorisation Table (in German)

Datenschutz und Informationssicherheit (in German)

Not all IT services descriptions have been translated into English. The complete German versions can be found here.

User Management

login to the IT services of other universities
Digital Certificates (DFN-PKI)issue of digital certificates, with which e-mails can be signed and encrypted
Time Management (MATRIX)operation of the system for recording working hours and administration of time accounts
University Accountthe information required to use the University's IT services


eduroamfree WiFi access at academic institutions worldwide
Firewallsystem for controlling and monitoring incoming and outgoing network traffic at the University
Network Services (DNS, DHCP, Radius)operation of the network services
University Network (LAN)the University's cabled network
Virtual Private Network (VPN)secure remote access to Reutlingen University systems and data
WiFiaccessing the University's WiFi


Campus App (UniNow)a mobile app that provides students with information about their studies and the campus
3G verification using UniNowcontact tracing due to corona using UniNow
Computer Labs RMZ
operation of and support for the computer labs in the Learning Centre, building 20 and building 2
Evaluation System (EvaSys)software for conducting and evaluating surveys
High Performance Computing (bwHPC)implementation of computing projects on high performance clusters of  universities in Baden-Württemberg

Integrated Development Environment (GitLab)

integrated development environment for software projects, based on Git repository management
Learning Platform (RELAX)online system for the management and execution of university courses
Timetabling (Untis)
planning for events and rooms
Surveys (LimeSurvey)implementation of professional on- and offline surveys
Video Management (Panopto)video management system for recording, editing, storing and streaming videos
Virtual Computer Labs (bwLehrpool)operation of the infrastructure providing virtual environments in computer labs
Web Conferences (DFNconf Adobe Connect)platform for online lectures or webinars
Web Conferences (Zoom)platform for online lectures or webinars

IT Workspace

Device Supportprocurement/setup of and support for PCs, notebooks, monitors, printers and accessories
Personal Drive
network drive for storing personal data
Telephonysetup and support for workplace telephones

Office Communication

E-Mail and Calendar (Exchange / Outlook) Reutlingen University's e-mail server
E-Mail Mailing Lists (Exchange / mailman)possibility to send e-mails to groups
DFN Schedulercoordinating and scheduling appointments
Printing, Copying and ScanningFollow-Me printing on campus
Secure Mobile App (Sophos Mobile)secure access to e-mail, contacts, calendar and BSCW from mobile devices


Cloud Storage (bwSync&Share)online storage, where you can also share content with different devices or users
Group Drive
a shared drive for a group
File Exchange (F*EX)file exchange enabling the transfer of large data
Knowledge Management (Wiki / Confluence)platform for collaboration and knowledge management
Shared Workspace (BSCW)platform for collaboration and document management
Video Conferences (DFNconf)platform for organising and conducting video and audio conferences
Video Conferences (Webex Meetings)alternative platform for conduction video and audio conferences, webinars and events
Microsoft 365 / MS Teamsplatform for group work and projects as well as access to Microsoft 365


Intranetinternal websites of Reutlingen University

Websites (Typo3 / WordPress)

operation and support of the infrastructure for hosting websites


3G verification using UniNowcontact tracking for Corona using the UniNow app
Event Technology
coordination of and technical support for campus events requiring approval (auditorium and the pavilion/building 17)
IT Security
participation in the information security process at Reutlingen University
IT Catalogue

catalogue of standard workplace devices, accessories and software

Printing Centre
online shop for print jobs at the University's Printing Centre
Procurement and Inventory Managementcommercial processing within the Computer and Media Centre
Software Purchasing
central procurement of software via framework agreements of the University
Ticket System (OTRS)administration of requests, e.g. error processing
University Calendar
download the current University Calendar as a PDF

Building Infrastructure

Auditorium Equipment
management of auditorium equipment
Electronic Door Signs
room plan for lecture halls/laboratories
Information Screens Learning Centreoperation of the two information screens in the entry hall of the Learning Centre
Learning Centre
support of IT infrastructures in the Learning Centre
Building Access Management
management of access authorisation for doors with electronic locking

Computer Centre

Data Backup
backup of data to be recovered following a system failure or accidental deletion
Hosting in the Computer Centreprovision of infrastructure for operating faculty servers in the Computer Centre
IT Documentation (i-doit)service for documentation of IT components, licenses, applications and responsibilities
Linux Serversoperation of virtual Linux servers
Operation of the Computer Centreorganisation and operation of infrastructure in the Computer Centre in building 8
Server Certificatesissuing of certificates for servers
Storage (SVC)organisation of the University's storage infrastructure
System Monitoring (PRTG)monitoring the IT infrastructure's operation status
Virtual Servers (VMware Cluster Computer Centre)operation of the infrastructure for virtual servers
Windows Serversoperation of Windows servers for applications or network services
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