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bwIDM is a state service available to universities in Baden-Württemberg, which allows users to use their university account to access some services from other universities. The service is based in the DFN-AAI (deutsches Forschungsnetz - Authetication and authorisation infrastructure) federation.

Currently, the following services can be accessed using bwIDM:

  • Library system (aDIS)
  • bwSync&Share
  • bwLehrpool
  • DFN Scheduler
  • DFN Web conferences (Adobe Connect)
  • DFNconf (Video conference system)
  • bwUniCluster

Further services are in development.

bwIDM kann be used by all members of Reutlingen University. For some services, there may be restrictions for individual user groups - these are specified by the service providers. Access to bwUniCluster must be requested.




Please report any problems to the Service Desk.

Data Backup / Hosting

bwIDM consists of two components:

  • the "Identity Provider" for Reutlingen University is hosted by DFN. This establishes the connection to "Identity Management" (the directory services).
  • the "Service Provider" is operated by the service provider and controls the access rights to the service's resources. A university must be approved using the Service Provider before its members are able to access the services.

No data is held in bwIDM, a data backup is not necessary, except for backups for recovery if there is an error.

Request Service

In order to request a service over bwIDM, the user must first register with the relevant service. To gain authorisation for bwUniCluster, please contact Rainer Fischer.

User Responsibilities

When registering for a service, the user agrees to comply with the terms of use of the service.


In order to use bwIDM, a university account is required. When your university account is no longer valid, you will no longer be able to use bwIDM.

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