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First, a certificate must be installed. Please do not skip this step under any circumstances, otherwise your user account may be compromised.

Installing the Certificate

Please download the certificate via the browser of your smartphone:

Open the page or use the QR code:

Please use the certificate tsec.cer. If this doesn't work, just try the crt-file.

and follow the instructions. The certificate will be saved under Downloads.

Connect to the WiFi (until Android 9)

Information on Adroid 11 can be found at the end of this page.

Select the certificate that you just downloaded.

Give the certificate a name and select "WiFi" as the use before clicking OK.


Choose the settings as shown. For "Identity", select your username and enter your password in the "Password" field. Then click "Connect".


The connection will be established.

When the connection is successfully established the following message will appear:

This message could be misunderstood. The certificate you have installed is used for the encrypted transfer of your login name and password. Please ignore this notice.

Connecting to WiFi in Android 11

The settings for Android 11 differ slightly from older Android versions.

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