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The Computer Centre provides on-campus WiFi access for mobile devices. At workstations, it is recommended that you use the university network (LAN) which has a higher bandwidth.

The WiFi is available in most buildings on campus and in some off campus. The connection does not cover all rooms on campus and the performance can vary greatly, also depending on the number of users.

A valid university account is required to access the WiFi.

The following three WiFis are available at the university:

  • myCampus can be used by any user on campus who has a valid Reutlingen University account (students, professors, lecturers, staff, pensioners, students of the Evangelische Hochschule, guests and KFRU participants). External library users are not eligible.
  • eduroam can be used by all members of Reutlingen University (students, professors, lecturers, employees, pensioners) as well as all members of universities that have joined the eduroam service. Information about eduroam can be found here.
  • guestCampus is intended for participants of events at the University. Upon request, you can receive temporary guest access for the duration of the event.


User Guides

WiFi myCampus - Instructions for Android

WiFi myCampus - Instructions for Windows

WiFi myCampus - Instructions for Mac OS X 10.5x (PDF in German)

WiFi guestCampus - Instructions for Event Participants



Please report any problems to the Service Desk.

The processing times correspond to the Service Level Agreement.

Data Backup / Hosting

The infrastructure for the WiFi services is operated by Reutlingen University. Apart from the backup of the system configuration to enable recovery after a crash, no data is stored.

Request Service

Access to myCampus and eduroam does not have to be requested.

Access for event participants and guests to guestCampus can be requested two working days in advance (by professors, employees of the University and the KF and students responsible for projects) using the customer portal. Please select the form "Gast-WLAN Zugang (guestCampus)" (Guest WiFi access (guestCampus)).

External library users do not need to request this service: connect to guestCampus and log in using your library number (as username) and your personal password.

User Responsibilities

When using the WiFi, the IT and Media Services regulations must be followed.


Access to the university's WiFi expires when the user account is deleted.