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Managing the university's websites as well as support in maintaining online presence.

Two platforms are available through Reutlingen University. The official websites of the university and the faculties are based on the content management system TYPO3. This uses a template to ensure the uniformity of the website, but variations in colour, logos and content are possible. The RMZ provides technical support for TYPO3.

The "users" of this service are the editors who manage the content of the websites. In theory, any professor or employee can be granted editing rights, but the goal is to keep the number of TYPO3 editors to a minimum in order to ensure uniformity across the web pages.

For project websites, Wordpress is available as an alternative to TYPO3. With Wordpress, you can create websites that do not need to match the official website layout. For legal reasons, project websites must be registered with the University Management Team.
The RMZ currently does not offer technical support for Wordpress, instead only ensuring the availability of the platform. The main person in charge of the website must be a professor or permanent employee, who must take responsibility for the administration of Wordpress. Students can also be added as editors.


User Guides

You can find many guides and tutorials for TYPO3 and Wordpress in the the internet. Here are some examples:





Please report any problems to the Service Desk.

The processing times correspond to the Service Level Agreement.

Data Backup / Hosting

This service is backed up for recovery purposes after system failures. This is subject to the Computer Centre's standard data protection policy

Request service

Editor rights for TYPO3 must be applied for through the RMZ and approved by the responsible person in the relevant department. There is currently no application form available.

The creation of a Wordpress site must also be registered with the RMZ. For this purpose, there is also not an application form available.

User Responsibilities

Editors are required to keep the contents of the websites up to date and to comply with the (data protection) legal requirements for web pages.

In addition, editors should adhere to the guidelines for creating accessible websites when creating content.


When creating websites in particular, special attention must be paid to the copyright and data protection declarations. To create a data protection declaration, you can use Reutlingen University's data protection generator.  For the copy right page, use the website template from the university website, where

  • the responsible persons for journalistic contributions in accordance with § 55 Paragraph 2 of the Interstate Broadcasting Agreement (RStV)
  • the contact for the technical support of the online content
  • the responsible persons for the conception of the online content

need to be modified.

The university and faculty websites are maintained indefinitely. For project websites, an run time should be agreed from the outset, after which the website will be deleted.

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