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Commercial transactions of the Computer and Media Centre. 

Scope of work

  • Placing orders
  • Entering invoices
  • Carrying out inventory
  • Stock management
  • Checking budget planning
  • Contract management and control

The IT shopping cart (information page in German) is to be used when procuring standard IT products. This process is carried out in close cooperation with the finance department.
Expenses for the cost centre of the Computer and Media Centre are managed using the software i-doit (page in German).

Procurement of goods externally to the IT shopping cart, as well as inventory of the Computer and Media Centre (RMZ), is offered exclusively for RMZ employees.


User Guides

Order forms and procurement guidelines can be found in the Intranet.

FAQs (in German)

FAQs on procurement can also be found in the Intranet.


If you have any questions, please contact: 07121-271-1315.

For inquiries, a maximum processing time of 3 working days is targeted.

Data Backup / Hosting

Not relevant.

Request Service

Procurements externally to the IT shopping cart must be requested by employees of the RMZ.

User Responsibilities

  • Seek offers
  • Audit accounts
  • Affix an inventory sticker


The procurement guidelines of the university and the VwV Beschaffung law must be taken into consideration.

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