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Across the campus you can find 30 Xerox All-in-One Printers (type 7835), which you can use for both private and official purposes. Private printing and copying can be paid for using the credit on your CampusCaRT (university card). Employees and professors have the additional possibility to select either "private" printing, where the the CampusCaRT is directly charged, or "official" printing, where the costs are settled by their department.

You can print in the following ways:

  • Directly from a USB Stick (FAT Format)
  • Using the personal mobile print portal, accessed via any web browser
  • By logging onto a university computer and selecting the printer "Xerox 7835"
  • Directly from a private computer after installing the driver

Once the print job has been sent using one of the above methods, you can use any of the machines to print. 

To do so, enter your university or library card in the terminal and select and print the desired document using the menu.

Copying and scanning is also possible with a library card. When scanning, the user can choose whether the file should be stored on a USB stick or in your personal print portal.

This service is available to all users with a university account and a CampusCaRT. In addition, external library users can use the service using their library card. Lecturers can borrow copy cards from the secretaries' offices or the service desk.


User Guides

Installing the print driver

Print driver macOS

(up-to-date for macOS until 10.14 "Mojave", NOT for 10.15 "Catalina" and 11.x "Big Sur")

Print driver for macOS (dmg-Datei, 82 MB)
Q Pilot-Client for macOS (dmg-Datei)

Print driver Linux

Print driver for Linux (external link)
Q Pilot-Client for Linux (zip file)



Please report any problems to the employees of the Print Centre:

Decentralised Printers

During the semester, the service times are:

  • Reaction time: 4 hours
  • Solution time: next working day

During the semester break, the service times are:

  • Reaction time: next working day
  • Solution time: 2 working days


In the case of system malfunction, the service times are generally as follows:

  • Reaction time: 2 hours
  • Solution time: 5 hours

All service times must be upheld in a way that can be verified in 98.5% of all cases. A system availability of 98.5% is to be ensured.

Data Backup / Hosting

The print server is hosted by the Computer Centre of the university. The entire system is operated and maintained by an external partner. For the print server there is a standby device, which will be used for restart purposes in case of total failure.

Print and scan jobs are kept on the print server for a maximum of 3 working days and then deleted. The print and scan data is not backed up.

Request Service

This service does not have to be requested.

User Responsibilities

The printers are to be used with care and errors must be reported to the printing centre.
Please make sure you remove your CampusCaRT from the terminal and remember to take it with you.
Print jobs over 50 pages should be ordered from the printing centre.


The contract with the external partner runs until 31.08.2021.