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A home drive is created for each university member when their university account is created. This drive should only be used for personal data and settings.

This personal drive is 5GB network drive on a Windows server in the University domain. It is not suitable for storing large amounts of data.
When logging on to a PC in a university PC pool, the home directory is automatically available as a U:\ drive. On all other computers, the network drive is connected to the PC. For access from outside of the campus, a VPN connection must first be established before the home directory can be connected.

For the administration of larger amounts of data and for the jointly processing data with your colleagues, refer to the following services:

A personal drive (home directory) is available to every member of the university with an active university account.




Please report any problems to the Service Desk.

The processing times correspond to the Service Level Agreement.

Data Backup/ Hosting

The network drives are hosted on servers in the university's data centre and are subject to the standard data back-up policy.

It should be noted that data that was deleted outside of the defined retention period cannot be recovered.

Request Service

This service does not need to be requested.

User Responsibilities

Users must regularly delete data no longer required in order to prevent the home directory from overflowing.


The storage space provided may only be used for academic work (included, of course, is all work necessary for your studies). Please respect possible copyright and intellectual property rights.

The home directory will be deleted at the same time as the university account: upon leaving the university (exmatriculation, resignation etc.).