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  1.  Download the AnyConnect for Windows software
  2. Run the msi-file

  3. Start the newly installed programme by going to Programmes → Cisco → Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

  4. Enter and click "Connect"

  5. Enter the username and password from your university account

  6. When the connection is successfully established, the following icon will be displayed in the notification box at the bottom right of your screen: 

  7. Right-click this with your mouse to open the following menu:

    By clicking "VPN Disconnect", the connection will be disconnected again.

  8. If the connection is disconnected, right-clicking the symbol again will open this menu:

    By clicking "VPN Connect", you can reestablish the connection.

  9. After a restart, it is no longer necessary to manually start the AnyConnect client: the programme will start automatically.