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The aim of information security is to provide adequate protection for information, regardless of whether the information is processed with or without the support of information technology (IT). Information security is therefore not only a question of IT, but depends to a large extent on organisational and personnel frameworks.

Nevertheless, IT remains an important part of information security. The running of Reutlingen University would be inconceivable without a functioning IT system and therefore depends very much on the availability and quality of its IT services. However, the university is exposed to ever-increasing risks through networking and attacks.

Therefore, taking protective measures to ensure IT security in the areas of research, innovation, studies, teaching, training and administration is a top priority.

This service is available to all users without needing to be requested.




You can find more information on information security (in German) here.

The processing times correspond to the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

User Responsibilities

All users support the University's information security by actively participating in the security management process and by adhering to the resulting security guidelines in their daily work.

This includes, but is not limited to, the following aspects:

  • acting responsibly when handling information
  • complying with information security requirements
  • handling entrusted information, data and the necessary technical components correctly and responsibly
  • reporting safety-related events as far as they can be recognised
  • participating in training and awareness events


The requirements of the latest version of the IT and Media regulations of use must be observed.

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