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A group drive allows workgroups to share file storage so that they can work on documents together. In the standard configuration of a group drive, all group members have equal rights. Each participant can view files, edit them and save the edited files in the same location.

In addition, individual areas of a group drive can also be set as read-only (that is, without editing access) for subgroups of users. This is useful, for example, if certain files need to be protected against changes.

This service is available to all users upon request.




Please report any problems to the Service Desk.

The processing times correspond to the Service Level Agreement.

Data backup / Hosting

The network drives are hosted on servers in the University's Data Centre and are subject to the standard backup policy.

It should be noted that data that was deleted outside of the defined retention period cannot be recovered.

Request Service

This service must be requested using the Service Desk customer portal.

User Responsibilities

Users must regularly delete data no longer required in order to prevent the group drive from overflowing.

The applicant (see here for an explanation of this term) regularly checks whether the access authorisations (documented in the !settings.txt) meet their requirements.

The applicant authorises further users to access the drive.

The applicant informs the Computer and Media Centre about the retirement of individual users.

The applicant informs the Computer and Media Centre about the deletion of a drive if it is no longer needed or about an extension if the deadline is reached.


The storage space provided may only be used for academic work (included, of course, is all work necessary for your studies).

Please respect possible copyright and intellectual property rights.

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