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Events outside the normal curriculum require approval. The auditorium in building 6 is available for events. In exceptional cases, events can also take place in the Pavilion (building 17). The Computer and Media Centre is responsible for the approval process and manages the University's events calendar.

If technical aids (light, image, sound) are required for an event, the Computer and Media Centre can advise the organiser on the appropriate technology. For events in the Pavilion, the organiser will be coached in the technology, so that he is able to individually supervise the event. For more complex events, technical support during the event is possible, provided that the necessary resources are available.

The event service can only be requested by professors and permanent employees of the university. To apply for this service, please use the event application form (in German). The approval process is described on the back of the form and in English on this page.




You can find the contact persons for this service in the event application form

If no on-site support is planned, there is no entitlement to technical support during the event.

Data Backup / Hosting

In general, no applications are used at events where data is generated. If such applications are used, they are the responsibility of the event organiser.

Request Service

Please note, that this service must be requested at least 4 weeks before the event.

Event application form

User Responsibilities

The organiser must hand over the premises and equipment in a clean and functional condition. They are responsible for order during the event.


The legal regulations regarding events must be observed, such as the "Versammlungsstättenverordnung".
The following checklists can be helpful when planning events: (in German)

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