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Reutlingen University will provide you with an e-mail address, consisting of your first and last name, for the duration of your studies/employment.
for example: Max Herbert Mustermann,

For employees and professors, 'student' is to be dropped.
for example: Petra Musterfrau,

You can log in to the OWA (Outlook Web App) using the same details as for your university account.

This service is available to all affiliates of Reutlingen University: students, professors, employees, lecturers and emeriti. Upon request, this service can also be made available to guests.


User Guides

You can access the e-mails you receive via:

  • All platforms: web access using the OWA (quick guide)
  • Windows PCs / Notebooks: Microsoft Outlook 2013 or newer (installation guide)
  • Apple Notebooks: Microsoft Outlook 2016 or newer
    (Note: because of an incompatibility, the Apple mail programme cannot be used)
  • Android Smartphones / Tablets: use Sophos Secure Mail, a secure and legally compliant app for access to e-mail, calendar and contacts (installation guide; German only)
  • Apple Smartphones / Tablets: use Sophos Secure Mail, a secure and legally compliant app for access to e-mail, calendar and contacts (installation guide; German only)

A guide for redirecting mail using Exchange can be found here.

The mailbox size is limited ("quota"); the same applies to the size of a sent e-mail.

For e-mails to individuals, this limit is 50 MB; for messages to a distribution list, this limit is only 400 KB.



Please report any problems to the Service Desk.

The processing times correspond to the Service Level Agreement.

Data Backup / Hosting

This service is hosted by the Computer Centre. The data is backed up daily, in compliance with the university's data protection policy. There are two ways in which a user can restore data that has been deleted within the last 30 days:

  • by moving the e-mails from "deleted items" into another folder
  • using the function "restore folder\deleted items"

It should be noted that data that was deleted outside of the defined retention period cannot be recovered.

Request Service

Students, employees, lecturers and professors of Reutlingen University receive their e-mail address when they activate their university account and therefore do not have to request this service.

To request a group mailbox, submit an online request through the Customer Portal.

If you would like to manage a meeting room's calendar using Exchange, please send the following information

  1. Room name including building code
  2. What should the booking rights for the room look like: who can book the room directly, or should certain people be authorised to accept or reject each booking
  3. Which direct access/editing rights should be defined for the room calendar.

to the Service Desk.

User Responsibilities

The mailbox is not intended as a data storage device, which means that data that is to be kept for a longer period of time should be stored in a suitable storage area, such as a group drive.

The instructions for safely handling IT and data (in German) must be observed.


This service is available for the duration of university affiliation, and beyond active employment in the case of emeriti.

The most up-to-date IT and media services user regulations must be complied with.

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