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This service incorporates the provision of infrastructure and operation of computer labs.

This includes the following rooms:

  • 2-303 is intended for courses from the AC faculty
  • 20-119, 20-117 and 1-031F are intended for courses from the TD faculty
  • 20-025 is suitable for inter-faculty events
  • 3-101, 3-102 and 3-103 in the Learning Centre are designed for individual study and individual courses.

For these rooms:

  • hardware is procured
  • the network is set up
  • the computers are configured
  • the necessary software is provided

The configuration is constantly updated and security patches are applied. The software status is checked and updated every semester.




Please report any problems to the Service Desk.

The processing times correspond to the Service Level Agreement.

Data Backup / Hosting

The computers are not backed up. It is important to ensure that data is only stored on network drives.

Request Service

For events, rooms must be booked using the Untis timetable. To book rooms in Building 3, please contact the Service Desk.

If these rooms are not occupied, they can be used at study rooms for students.

User Responsibilities

Users are not allowed to reconfigure the PCs and should treat them with care.


The most up-to-date IT and media services user regulations and legal requirements must be complied with, especially with regard to data protection and information security. Also see the instructions for safely handling IT and data (in German).

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